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Derick Hibaler - Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012

Trends to watch:

Ladies, do not bury you bodycon dresses deep within you’re closets just yet. They’ll definitely still be in, but the designs will be lean more towards edgier textures and fabrics such as metallic and electric hues. (P.S.: You can still get that look with your basic bodycon dress by experimenting with edgier and bold accessories!)

For Men, expect to see more of button-downs both in plaid and in chic black and white pieces with clean lines. You can transform these pieces into day to night looks by switching up your complementing pieces. You can throw on plaid scarfs worn like a good ‘ole cowboy during the day for that casual vibe, and then use the same button-down for the evening by trading in your scarf for a dark jacket and dark jeans!

For everyone: Investing in a good pair of jeans, or any form of denim, in my own opinion, is always a rule of thumb when it comes to fashion. Get them in both light and dark washes for separate occasions! Also, another tip I learned way back was if you find that perfect pair of jeans for you (i.e. right cut, right wash, right fit), you’ll most likely abuse them and they might fade in time, so it’ll be good to buy two pairs so that you won’t have to scour countless stores again when your old pair gives up on you or has been phased out.

STYLE TIP - Trend Alert: Fur accessories - fur collars and over-sized fur key chains!

My Top Picks:

For Women

For Men

Designer Spotlight:

Derick Hibaler is a menswear designer based in Quezon City, Manila. He has always wowed his audiences by showcasing very well put collections consisting of chic jackets and exceptionally made jeans of different washes and styles.

Credits to Stylebible.ph for the photos.

Thank you Angel Rodriguez for the invitation! ♥

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